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WARNING: This blog contains references to songs and book and movies. Some of them are older ones, so if you’re not a movies and/or music geek, it might be a good idea to open Google or IMDb in the background. There will be a test.

Now I’m just going to go ahead and write the blog—which I lovingly refer to as “the damn blog,” although it’s not about a dam at all—as though I didn’t stop and warn you about the upcoming blog.

Ever see The Shining? The original movie, not the remake or the book, even though the book is always better. There’s this scene where Jack Nicholson has been working on his book, but when Shelley Duvall looks at it, she finds he’s only written one sentence. Over and over and over.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

That’s me today. And for those of you who are familiar with the movie, don’t worry: I’m not gonna chop my way up through your monitor and shout “Heeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!” But wouldn’t it be cool if I did? Of course, then you’d have to buy a new monitor, which you’d probably try to bill me for. That’d be less cool.

But I digress.

What I’m trying to say is, I’ve been working too much. I worked on seven different projects today, not counting this blog or the Death Star for dogs I’ve been working on. I need to Stop and Smell the Roses—first song reference, BTW.

YA Author Tom Hoover on Random Musings and Other ReflectionsMy eyes are tired, which in my case means I have trouble focusing. See, I have only the one good eye, which I keep in a jar. Over by the door, next to Eleanor Rigby’s face. That’s also a song reference, though it’s a little more obscure than the first one. And older.

My other eye kind of exploded last December—like Scanners. So it don’t get all the stations anymore. But these are The Breaks. It’s like seeing Through a Glass Darkly. So when I get overworked and unfocused and want to Take this Job and Shove It, I like to sit and think about stuff. Y’know, Reflections of the way life used to be. And since I have to write this blog anyway, I decided to share my random musings with you.

  • What is the Disney Movie agenda? The recent Captain America was released in 3D right away. The DVD of the latest Star Wars was released in April, but the 3D version doesn’t come out until next month. And The Jungle Book isn’t being released in 3D in the US—I had to buy my copy from UK.
  • Why does (the first of) The Police’s Greatest Hits have the crappy version of “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”?
  • Why did vinyl come back? CDs and digital are cleaner sounding. I’m told the purists believe the hisses and pops and lesser quality sound better. Which is like saying you buy concert tickets so you can hear the guy sitting next to you sing along.
  • When the song says “a kid’ll eat ivy, too. Wouldn’t you?” do they mean a baby goat or the kid down the street? Either way, they’re toxic plants, and the song has a peer pressure vibe.

Oh well.

Back to work.

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