Judgment Day

Although athletes are judged on performance, and super models are judged on appearance, how artists are judged actually seems to be based upon what non-artists think those artists should be.

The Music

One is the loneliest number, or at least that’s what Three Dog Night is telling me over and over and over again. Is it time to face the music?


Have you been looking for “YA Author Tom Hoover” on Instagram and not been able to find the account? There’s a reason for that. Actually, three reasons.

Thick Skin

One of the first pieces of advice any writer receives from other, “more seasoned” writers is to develop a thick skin. As if you could just go to the store and buy one. Wait, can you?

Betrayed by Technology

The blue screen of death is a computer user’s worst fear. Or so I thought. Needing to deal with tech support, post blue screen of death, should be at the top of the list. Unfortunately, I had to [...]