Nobody’s Perfect

Every writer is in search of the Holy Grail (aka a book deal). Until then, it’s revising, reworking, and rejection—and what comes next.

Don’t Listen and Don’t Play

All writers hear voices, usually our characters talking to us. And we listen. But those inner demons, like Self-Doubt and Insecurity, are best not heard.


For all the movie, book, and music geeks out there, here’s a collection of random musings and other reflections of the way life used to be.

The Road, Not By Cormac McCarthy

Do you think getting there is half the fun? That the journey is just as important as the destination? Not me. I’m the road-trip naysayer. Let me tell you why.

Muse Issues

My muse and I are having issues. Because of a few months “off” because of revisions and stuff, she’s kicked up her feet and is on a self-appointed vacation.