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Driving to the restaurant tonight, I heard a song lyric from an Irish band—I think it was Flogging Molly—and although it has nothing to do with going to my traditional Tuesday night restaurant for $5 grilled fish tacos so I can eat and blog, I feel the need to share it with you.

“But there’s no glint in a dead man’s eye.”

Doesn’t that just fill you with the holiday spirit? Me neither. But it did get my attention.

Unfortunately, it did not lead me down the path of blog inspiration. Pity. Sometimes the most random things trigger a flood of images and ideas and movie titles and secret whisperings that flow—sometimes crawl—out onto the page in the form of a weekly diary of ramblings and ideas.

But sometimes not. Sometimes an interesting song lyric is just a cigar … to paraphrase Sigmund Freud. Father of modern psychology. Or as I like to refer to him, the lucky S.O.B. who never had to write a weekly blog. It’s so not fair.

But I digress.

Wait, no I don’t. I want some answers. I want the truth.

And contrary to what Jack Nicholson screamed at Tom Cruise, I can so handle it.

YA Author Tom Hoover Has the Blogging BluesWhy is it that so many famous people and historical figures and well-known lunatics have never had to sit in a dark corner with their MacBook Air, struggling to come up with enough words, while children close by ask their parents, “Why is that man growling?”

Is it fair that the only inspiration my ill-tempered muse delivers is, “What pairs well with cheap wine?” The answer, which shouldn’t surprise you, is everything. Do you think the person who inspired Genghis Khan to enslave half the world ever said, “The store’s closing in five and my glass is empty? Need a little muse lube.”

Isn’t that just precious?

Yeah, I don’t think so either. And for the record, Flogging Molly wouldn’t be able to see a glint in her eye, but that’s because her eyes are closed so much of the time.

And she snores.

And also for the record, who did inspire Genghis? Maybe nobody. Maybe somebody said, “Hey. You should write a weekly blog.” And he answered, “Screw that! I’m taking over the world! Get that cheap wine outta my face.”

Or words to that effect. Bet there was quite the glint in his eye.

Bet he’d make his muse pay rent, or at least chip in for groceries.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving.

Wonder if I can find Flogging Molly on the jukebox.

I’ll ask that big mean guy with the glinty eye…

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