People ask me lots of questions about writing. Why do it? Who’s your favorite author? Where do ideas come from? What’s the best part? The worst? The question they never ask is the one I face [...]

My Toy Story

I can’t watch Toy Story. I have a very complicated relationship with stuffed animals. Sure, they’re fun and fluffy—when they want to be. And yes, they give my niece’s room a sweet vibe. But I [...]


Here’s a rule that’s true in the universe: There’s always somebody—and yes, I’m talking about you—who has “just one more question.” And that question is typically, “Why?”

Stupid Questions Do Exist

When I was in school, I had several teachers, and more than a few parents and parents of friends, tell me: There are no stupid questions. Sometimes they said it like this, “The only stupid [...]

Welcome to My Blog

So. Hey. Welcome! C’mon in, look around, make yourself at home. No shoes on the furniture, though; this stuff isn’t even paid for yet. This is the Why? page, which you’ll cleverly deduce is a [...]