Who Is Tom Hoover?

By Tom Hoover: Who Is Tom Hoover?Thanks for asking. In addition to being Tom Hoover, author, he is an award-winning writer and producer of advertising and training for Pepsi, Amazon, Sherwin-Williams, and lots of other companies, universities, and foundations. Tom also designs and writes interactive learning games.

He started life as a baby and grew to become an actor in the theater, children’s theater, and a few B movies—in addition to all that other stuff you just read. But then the muse tackled him, chained him to a desk, and said “WRITE!”

So he writes. He lives somewhere on the North American continent with 5 dogs and 2 cats. He is represented by Heather Flaherty of The Bent Agency.

He doesn’t like speaking about himself in the third person because it makes him feel like he’s not even in the room. So that stops right now.

What Do I Write?

I write Young Adult and Middle Grade books. When I’m trying to be cool, I say, “That’s right. I’m a YA author.” Trouble is, nobody thinks I’m as cool I do … not even my dogs.

My books can be a little dark sometimes, ’cause I like to look under all the rocks when I’m telling a story. There’s usually something squirming around down there.

By Tom Hoover: Web Dog

Tom can’t come to the computer right now, but I’m better looking anyway.

What Do I Read?

Books—you kinda walked into that one. Oh, wait: You wanted to know what kinds of books. My bad. Here are a few faves:

And I’m always up for recommendations. Send me yours!

What Do I Like to Do?

Tons of stuff. When I’m not writing, or reading, or thinking about the next thing I’m going to write … I like movies—especially the creepy ones—playing video games, cooking and eating good food, teaching my dogs to read, and playing golf.