Who Is Tom Hoover?

By Tom Hoover: Who Is Tom Hoover?Thanks for asking. In addition to being Tom Hoover, author, he is an award-winning writer and producer of advertising and training for Pepsi, Amazon, Sherwin-Williams, and lots of other companies, universities, and foundations. Tom also designs and writes interactive learning games.

He started life as a baby and grew to become an actor in the theater, children’s theater, and a few B movies—in addition to all that other stuff you just read. But then the muse tackled him, chained him to a desk, and said “WRITE!”

So he writes. He lives somewhere on the North American continent with 5 dogs and 2 cats.

He doesn’t like speaking about himself in the third person because it makes him feel like he’s not even in the room. So that stops right now.

What Do I Write?

I write Young Adult and Middle Grade books. When I’m trying to be cool, I say, “That’s right. I’m a YA author.” Trouble is, nobody thinks I’m as cool I do … not even my dogs.

My books can be a little dark sometimes, ’cause I like to look under all the rocks when I’m telling a story. There’s usually something squirming around down there.

By Tom Hoover: Web Dog

Tom can’t come to the computer right now, but I’m better looking anyway.

What Do I Read?

Books—you kinda walked into that one. Oh, wait: You wanted to know what kinds of books. My bad. Here are a few faves:

And I’m always up for recommendations. Send me yours!

What Do I Like to Do?

Tons of stuff. When I’m not writing, or reading, or thinking about the next thing I’m going to write … I like movies—especially the creepy ones—playing video games, cooking and eating good food, teaching my dogs to read, and playing golf.