A Blog By Tom Hoover

Welcome to My Blog

So. Hey. Welcome! C’mon in, look around, make yourself at home. No shoes on the furniture, though; this stuff isn’t even paid for yet. This is the Why? page, which you’ll cleverly deduce is a combination of news, updates, and a blog.

Writing and Rewriting

If the first axiom in writing is to write what you know, the second, sometimes more difficult adage is that writing is rewriting.


As writers, we’ve always been told, write what you know. But sometimes, what I know might be better left unwritten.

Escape from the Hospital

No more doctors! No more nurses! No more “pain management” that feels like torture! I’m making an escape from the hospital, shingles be damned!

Out of the ER, Into the Fire

I’ve heard people say they’d rather stick needles in their eyes than do XYZ. After my recent experience at the hospital, I’m really not sure which one I’d rather.

After the ER

It’s another fun hospital visit, which means another fun hospital blog for you to read and hopefully not feel my pain.

A Trip to the ER

If what you write becomes what you experience in day-to-day life, then my trip to the ER was completely self-manifested.

Bad Mood Rising

Some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue. My scowl should tell you which one today is.


My sister asked me one of the most inconsiderate questions one can ask a writer. It gave me pause. And a tingling in my hand. Must. Control. Fist.

TV or Not TV

I was my Aunt Edna’s favorite target growing up, and not even the Fonz could save me. But I’m not sure that would’ve been a good thing anyway.