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After That Christmas

Short story long, I’m at the conclusion of my Christmas story about Ralph and his Great American Novel that no one wants to read.

That Christmas, Part 3

The phrase “avoided like the plague” could not even begin to describe how I dodged reading Ralph’s book. And soon enough, Ralph himself.

That Christmas, Part 2

When you’re at a party, trapped into talking with the worst guest ever, why can’t anyone read your mind and hear your screams to be rescued? What I would’ve given…

That Christmas, Part 1

I do. Who knew that two words—just three letters!—could have gotten me into so much trouble. Especially when I was at a holiday soiree, not the altar.

That Night 2018

Looming blog deadlines. Hot appetizers served cold. And the night keeps getting worse. Just one of these a year, please.


Sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you just are the nut.

The Return

After a two-month hiatus (aka recovery from open-heart surgery), I’ve returned to blogging. I told you I’d be back! And yes, I missed you too.


I never thought I would need open-heart surgery, but I do, and the hospital staff has made pre-surgery scarier and more complex than I ever could have imagined.