That Effin Scene

I’m investing in superglue while writing this scene. Otherwise, I’m not sure I’ll have any more coffee mugs left in the cupboard.

Customer Disservice

When life gives you an absurd philosophy, find a few lemons and squeeze them into your gin and tonic. It’s what’s meant to be.

Am I Caught Up Yet?

After a two-month blogging hiatus, thanks to Day Job Hell, I’m finally back and ready to catch up. Even if it’s only to appease my webmistress.

Timing, Part 3

Where can I get my hands on a magic lamp and a genie to grant wishes? You know, to help with the whole timing thing.

Timing, Part 2

Journey with me back in time. But only to three years ago. My time machine isn’t that advanced.

Timing, Part 1

Timing is everything when it comes to writing and, well, almost everything else in life.