Hold On

Have you ever thought back to what you dreamed of becoming? Did you hold on tight to your dream?

Ray Bradbury

I dedicate this blog to all artists. It isn’t always the easiest life, but I don’t want to imagine doing anything else.

Rules of Writing

Despite the fact that YA Author Tom Hoover hates rules—that he does his best to not follow them—this blog is all about the rules of writing.

I Resolve

We’re a week into 2017. How are your New Year’s Resolutions holding up? I have some advice on how to make them stick.

Don’t Listen and Don’t Play

All writers hear voices, usually our characters talking to us. And we listen. But those inner demons, like Self-Doubt and Insecurity, are best not heard.

No, Do it This Way

One of the cool things about America is that everybody has the right to have their own opinion. The problem is, many people feel they need to share their opinions. How should one fend off this [...]