They say the only thing in life we can truly control is our perspective and how we view a situation. Hrmph! Well, what if I WANT to look on the dark side and see the glass as half empty and make [...]

Lamentations IYF

That moment when you step back to look at your process and find that the straight line from start to finish has become a tangled mess.

Novel vs. Blog: A Study

Even though it seems like novel-writing and blog-writing would be like comparing oranges to oranges, it’s more like oranges to apples, and one of them is rotten.

Ill Prepared

Frank Sinatra crooned, “I’ve gotta be me.” I’ve been trying that my whole life, but I’m not sure my individuality always works in my favor.

Day Job

Most writers have day jobs, and they have love-hate relationships with said day jobs. I am no different.

Don’t Listen and Don’t Play

All writers hear voices, usually our characters talking to us. And we listen. But those inner demons, like Self-Doubt and Insecurity, are best not heard.

Too Many Questions

Uh oh. Perhaps, as a society, we have failed our youth by asking them too many questions too soon in life that they can’t possibly answer. How are they supposed to know how to get to Sesame [...]


People ask me lots of questions about writing. Why do it? Who’s your favorite author? Where do ideas come from? What’s the best part? The worst? The question they never ask is the one I face [...]