Lamentations IYF

That moment when you step back to look at your process and find that the straight line from start to finish has become a tangled mess.

Writing Stuff Down

I wonder how many good ideas have escaped me by not writing stuff down? At least a blog topic or two. Maybe seven.

The Circle

Just like “The Lion King,” there very much is a circle of life in writing. And we’re calling it Ethan. Meet Ethan, the relentless monkey on the back of all writers.

A Day in the Life

Running through mazes, being chased by monsters, and dodging dinosaurs. Is that the typical day of YA Author Tom Hoover? Um, not so much. Walking the dogs and writing and a little more writing is [...]

Starting Over

After writers finish one book, they almost immediately begin on the next one. (Unless the writer is Harper Lee.) But where does a writer get an idea and find characters for the newest story?