The Five Stages: Part 5

Here’s my latest blog. No. Check out my latest blog. No. My latest blog is ready to be read. No. My newest blog entry is published. No. Oh hell, just read the damn thing.

How You Really Feel

My inner voice is always pushing me to share how I really feel. But the sandstorm of trouble I might stir up isn’t quite worth it. Or is it?


I would have much preferred a lump of coal from Santa instead of the gift of self-doubt that I received and have never been able to regift.

Seriously, Nobody’s Perfect, Icarus

Even when you have an agent, a book deal, or even five book deals, no writer ever really arrives. Every book, every story, every artistic endeavor, must be your first one. Here’s why.

Nobody’s Perfect

Every writer is in search of the Holy Grail (aka a book deal). Until then, it’s revising, reworking, and rejection—and what comes next.

Rhythm sans Blues

Dance like no one is watching, march to the beat of your own drum, and follow your own rhythm in writing your novel. At least that's what I try to do.

Nobody Understands

What is it like to be a writer? It’s a life that only other writers can possibly understand, but I’ll try to explain it.

Enough Is Enough

A regular in one of my writing groups recently submitted the latest draft of the first chapter of his book. It was revision #270. And the chapter was only six pages long. So what’s the right [...]