Friggin Writers

So you find yourself trapped on a deserted island with a writer. Here’s a quick list of things to know about some of the quirkiest people on earth.

Ready or Not

Like everyone else, I blame the eclipse for my digressions, my forgetfulness, and I can’t remember what else.

Red, White, and Books

I’m celebrating the success of three of my agent sibs and adding a few books to your must-read list. Get crackin’!

Hold On

Have you ever thought back to what you dreamed of becoming? Did you hold on tight to your dream?

Why YA Author Tom Hoover

Find out what happens when you search “ya author tom hoover” on Google … versus just plain ol’ “tom hoover.”


Although I’m a writer, I’ve never felt like I fit in with other writers. Not knowing the word “comps” was just another reminder.


To help you avoid embarrassment, judgement, and condemnation, I’ve compiled a brief writer’s jargon glossary of terms I learned the hard way.

The Road, Not By Cormac McCarthy

Do you think getting there is half the fun? That the journey is just as important as the destination? Not me. I’m the road-trip naysayer. Let me tell you why.

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