It’s About Time

One of the most important aspects of writing is making time to do it. It truly is an imperative part of the process.

Writing and Rewriting

If the first axiom in writing is to write what you know, the second, sometimes more difficult adage is that writing is rewriting.

How You Really Feel

My inner voice is always pushing me to share how I really feel. But the sandstorm of trouble I might stir up isn’t quite worth it. Or is it?


I would have much preferred a lump of coal from Santa instead of the gift of self-doubt that I received and have never been able to regift.

Share the Ambiance

A man sits in a bar, iPad open in front of him. Is this the beginning of a joke? Or something else entirely?

First vs. Third

I’m getting ready to start my next book, from a whole new, third person perspective. It’s different from what I typically write, so wish me luck.

The Wall

Last weekend, I hit the wall. Not like in a NASCAR race or running a marathon. Worse. The writing wall.

Rules of Writing

Despite the fact that YA Author Tom Hoover hates rules—that he does his best to not follow them—this blog is all about the rules of writing.


Unless it's a journal entry, writing is for readers. And although it hurts, rejection is part of the necessary writing process.

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