Inspiration or Not

Creativity and inspiration are essential facets of being an artist. But the two are very different, and the latter isn’t as easy to come by as you might think.

It’s About Time

One of the most important aspects of writing is making time to do it. It truly is an imperative part of the process.

Writing and Rewriting

If the first axiom in writing is to write what you know, the second, sometimes more difficult adage is that writing is rewriting.

Is This Really the Artist’s Way?

What do somewhat-forced blogging, a drunken muse, and Tuesdays spent staring at a blank screen with a blog deadline looming have in common? I’ve been told it’s the artist’s way.

Ready or Not

Like everyone else, I blame the eclipse for my digressions, my forgetfulness, and I can’t remember what else.

The Price

Do you have what it takes to be a writer? To ride the emotional roller coaster that is the craft?

First vs. Third

I’m getting ready to start my next book, from a whole new, third person perspective. It’s different from what I typically write, so wish me luck.

The Blog That Wasn’t

The trials and tribulations of an author blogger continue. We find our hero staring at a blank computer screen, wishing his muse would get off the sauce and lend a little inspiration.


Am I to believe that inspiration comes while I'm fast asleep and dreaming?

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